How To Change Your Toddler’s Diaper. Practical Guide For Dads

caution_dad_at_work_baby_di_mousepadWe all know that diaper changing is a mother skill, worthy of CV mentioning. By reading this guide dads will have clearer instructions, which will come in handy when moms seem to spend a lifetime in the shower.

1. Firstly detect any scent that may indicate the need for diaper changing. Try your best to inhibit any will to call mum.

2. Take seriously any sensation of poop odour you may have. Continuă lectura


Friends talking

– My little girl refuses to let me brush her teeth. She cries and  throws a tantrum when I approach her with the tooth-brush, as if she has never seen it before in her life. I have run out of ways to persuade her. She is as stubborn as her dad.

– Why? Does he cry too when you want to brush his?


What Have I been Doing All Day Today?

image1My child takes a nap at noon. I can’t say the same thing about myself. What should I do in the meantime in order to be most productive? I shall find a place for all the clothes lying all over the place. Some of them need washing up so I head towards the dirty loundry basket. I begin sorting them out by colors but I take a brake after a few seconds, when I realize there’s no place left to hang them out for drying. The clothes horse is full. I start picking up all dry clothes when the door bell rings. Continuă lectura


How To Lose The Baby Weight

exercising-cartoonYou have had it. It has been three months since you gave birth and you cannot stand to look at your own reflection in the mirror. Although you have purchased a hole bunch of must have outfits, you are still in great difficulty to find something decent to wear, when you and your baby take your daily walk down the park. You are convinced that gravity only exists to push you down to depression route, as some of your body parts are so misbehaved and disobedient. Therefore, it is about time you took action. You find yourself getting ready for your first day at the gym: Continuă lectura