About us & English Version

We aim to encourage you to look at the funny side of children upbringing. Our mission is to entertain you and reduce your daily tensions by engaging you in a laughing contest. Otherwise stated, we write so that we don’t go nuts.
Browsing our posts will not feel like attending a very boring workshop on how you can become more accomplished than you already are. Neither will you gain a different insight on your whole existence. You will probably not discover any new talents that you weren’t aware you had before entering motherhood.  We will do our best (although we cannot  promise) not  to demolish well established myths on parenting, however we do promise not to intoxicate you with new ideas on how to raise your children. There are too many websites on these topics and frankly, we have had enough of them. Therefore, prepare yourselves to engage your facial muscles into a laughing workout that will counteract the effects of worry wrinkles.

Although we are not on a beautiful lake shore, lying on the porch of a fancy holiday house, dressed in comfortable but posh sweaters and with a plate full of organic cookies to indulge ourselves in (as seen in movies), we feel very inspired. We have realized we do not need this Hollywood set in order to help you focus on other posts then those which insist on telling you that you got everything completely wrong, when in fact, you tried your best everyday. As of today, each and every one of us, mothers or mothers to be (and optimistically speaking, fathers too) has the right to remain waggish during the motherhood journey.

It is about time we started to talk cold turkey.  It is about time we had a good laugh at ourselves, with ourselves and most importantly, to celebrate ourselves.

Click here for the English version of our posts.


Nota Bene:  Not for those who cannot appreciate sarcasm.


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