What Have I been Doing All Day Today?

image1My child takes a nap at noon. I can’t say the same thing about myself. What should I do in the meantime in order to be most productive? I shall find a place for all the clothes lying all over the place. Some of them need washing up so I head towards the dirty loundry basket. I begin sorting them out by colors but I take a brake after a few seconds, when I realize there’s no place left to hang them out for drying. The clothes horse is full. I start picking up all dry clothes when the door bell rings. It’s the mailman with a delivery. I pay for the package and open it immediately to see if it contains what I ordered. Otherwise, no future complaints are allowed. It does. All the books are safe and sound. I shut the door and analyze in detail the books I’ve been waiting for. I even start reading one. And then it strikes me: since I’m experiencing a quiet moment of reading, how about checking out what happens online? Blog, facebook, latest news…OMG! My son will wake up any time now and I have no food prepared for him. I open the fridge and choose a few ingredients in a hurry. Something should come out of all these. I’m lucky he’s not a fussy eater. But it looks like he’s a great artist! When did he make that drawing on the kitchen wall? It looks like he used a permanent marker. I grab a napkin and some cleaning products and begin removing the abstract masterpiece. The drawing doesn’t come out easily. I abandon it spread widely on the wall and pass on to the food I began cooking a few minutes ago. This, at least, should be a work-in-progress. My stomach reminds me that I should also be eating something. I grab two bites of whatever comes to my hand and a thought flashes across my mind: what on earth was I doing before landing in the kitchen? Oh! I was picking up the dry clothes to make room for the washed ones. I head back to the bedroom and on my way I step on a few lego bricks. The pain is unbearable and I scream…only on the inside, of course. I can’t afford to wake up my kid. There are traps all over the place! I should remove these toys so nobody else gets hurt. Hmm! These toys have actually  been here a long time now. Isn’t he bored with them by now?! I should replace them with a couple of other things he’d forgotten about. I head on to the toys basket and stumble over the clothes horse. Since I’m back here, I’d rather finish picking up the dry clothes. Hardly had I began doing this when my sleepy child pops up behind me giving orders: „mommy, play!” Forget about the horse! Let’s play horsey. I leave everything and we go play. Tomorrow is a new day to start everything and finish nothing!


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